To Flatten The Ground For A Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed

Take the floor pieces out of the box and place them on the floor as if your were riding them. Measure the overall width and length of the floor with a tape measure. Measure the area in the yard where you want to install the rubbermaid roughneck storage shed by adding 4 inches to the floor measurements. Drive wooden garden poles to the floor with a hammer in the four corners where the shed will be installed. Dig out a 4-inch deep base between the four corners with a shovel.

Heartland Sheds

Heartland Sheds

Pour gravel into the base of rubbermaid storage shed area. Spread it out with a rake until the stone is 1 inch below the ground line around the edge of the base. Use crushed stone that has a mixture of stones ranging from 2 inches down to dust, or even powdered concrete. Tamp the crushed down with a tamper. Tampers are available in the rental tool facilities, or you can manufacture one yourself by attaching a small scrap board to the end of another to form a “T.” Place an 8-foot long board – or a board that fits your base – on the inside edge of one side of the base surface.

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There should be no space between the gravel and the plate along the entire length of the plate. Place a level on the top of the board to check the leveling. Add or remove stone if necessary. Check the level on each side with the two-by-four level. Place the plate in between the center two sides and check the level. When placing the floor of the rubbermaid storage sheds on the base floor, center it so that you have 2 inches of base around each side.