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Shed movers near me – Moving a shed from its long-standing location is sometimes necessary. In other cases, it is convenient to build a small shed in one place and move it to its final location, especially if you want the shed to put in a small room. Most sheds have drag shoes underneath those that make the structures something simple to move. With extra work, you can maneuver a shed in close quarters.

About Shed Movers

About Shed Movers

Prepare shed new foundation in the small room where you plan to set the building. Dig an area 12 inches deep that matches the shed dimensions. Fills the square with 4 inches of small gravel. Compress gravel with a hand sabotage. Set 8-by-16-inch concrete blocks on gravel so that the top of the blocks is at ground level. Add or remove gravel under the blocks needed to smooth them.

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Remove everything from the interior of the shed to make it easier to move. Unfasten anchors that hold the shed in place. Lift one corner of the shed with a jack. If the substrate is soft, put wooden blocks under the jack for support. When the corner is about 2 inches above the ground surface, a piece of 2-by-4-inch timber is pushed diagonally under the corner. Move to one of the adjacent corners and repeat the process. Repeat the procedure until all four corners of the storage shed are off the ground.