How To Move A Storage Shed Pvc

One of the advantages of having a PVC shed instead of wood or metal is the relative ease with which the PVC shed can be moved from one area of your yard to another. PVC sheds are usually much lighter than those of similar dimensions that are made of wood or metal sheds. In addition, the inherent flexibility of the material makes it more tolerant of movement that could cause damage to sheds made of other materials. About how to move storage shed, following the instruction below.

Average Cost To Move A Portable Building

Starting with have the help of at least three people who moves sheds. Ask each person to put on their gloves. Clean spilled PVC to reduce its weight and keep objects from falling during movement. Have your friends lift one side of the PVC shed high enough to slide a piece of wood under it and pull a jack out of the car on top of the plywood. Lift the poured PVC with the socket for about 6 inches, then slide three or four inches down 2 4-inch wooden beams of PVC under the shed to make a guardrail system.

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Roll out several 3/4 inch metal pipes at the top of the wooden rails about 18 inches apart. Then lower the jack, allowing the PVC to be spilled to rest on the metal pipes, which will be used as rollers. Pull the connector under the PVC shed, as well as the plywood and start pushing the PVC back, along with your assistants. Replace the wooden beams and metal pipes under the PVC, as needed to move free sheds to be moved into place.