Build a Shed Door in an Easy and Economical Way

Build a shed door – What can we do with old disused doors? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a shelter for garden. We will teach you, step by step, how to get a new storage place on terrace or garden, in an easy and economical way. We begin work by removing all nails that entrance door has with help of pliers. Next, we go over wood surface with sander equipped with a medium grain sanding sheet. Next, we remove dust produced.

Building Shed Door

Building Shed Door

Come now with base and roof. We mark and cut pieces of phenolic plywood, with circular saw provided with a suitable disk to cut wood. We support base on wooden blocks that will make legs and make some pilot holes, with drill and a fine drill for wood. Next, we hold base to legs with some screws. To insert them, we will have to replace bit with a screw tip that fits size and shape of head of screws.

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Next step is to cut top of other three doors that will form walls of house, in order to get a slope for roof. To carry out this task, we will use circular saw again. We can now assemble structure, joining all pieces together with lag screws. We also fixed roof and screwed hinges in house. With a few doors in disuse and a little imagination, we have achieved a new storage space on outside of house.