All about Solar Power for Shed

Solar power for shed – Our idea was: solar panels must even be able to replace roofs. And now it is possible! We have come up with a unique system, which means that we, as the only provider in the Netherlands, can supply a waterproof and translucent solar system. The panels can be used, for example, as the roof of (agricultural) companies and roofs such as a veranda. Not only is that good, it also saves costs.

Build Solar Power for Shed

Build Solar Power for Shed

We deliver and install throughout the Netherlands and have gained the necessary experience. The translucent solar panels are often used with this system, but the ordinary solar panels can also be used. The choice of inverters can be made in a central inverter or micro inverters, just as with a traditional system.

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With these solar panels we simply lay a waterproof roof. To create the substructure, you can ask a contractor or you can carry out this work in-house. We provide clear and simple conditions. Once the substructure is in place, the laying of the roof is very quick. In one day, around 40m2 of panels can even be laid! In connection with proper drainage of the system, the solar panels are placed portrait-wise and at an angle of (at least) 15 degrees on profiles of rubber. The top and space between the panels is sealed with watertight profiles.